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home upgrades

4 High-Return Home Upgrades

Completing cosmetic updates is easiest when the weather’s in your favor. In honor of May’s National Home Improvement Month, here are four home upgrades that often yield high returns. Replacing doors and windows: Homeowners are often encouraged to consider projects that boost overall curb appeal. Swapping out a wooden front door for a steel model or […]


Home Design Trends

With summer fast approaching you may be thinking about home upgrades. Whether you’re a prospective seller or a longtime homeowner, revamping your space may be on your to-do list. Before you begin, check out these design trends and learn how to make them your own. Quick Decorating Touches Add the latest color. From deep emerald to […]

Home Upgrades

Investing In Home Upgrades

Thinking about getting steam showers and granite counter-tops? A drainage system that keeps the basement dry, new gutters, a new furnace, some landscaping, and lots of painting puts more value in a home. Whether you plan to sell or stay in the home, its resale value is important. Recent data suggests that a major bathroom […]

hail damage roof

Why Wait To Repair Hail Damage To Your Home?

After finding hail damage on your roof, does it make sense to hold off on repairs or replacement until you detect a leak? While we can understand the desire to put off what may seem like an unnecessary repair, experts agree repairing hail damage is a necessary and critical. Consider how significant damage can occur over time and […]

Roof Damage

Planning Ahead to Prevent Major Roof Damage

Despite the fact that it’s your home’s first line of defense against the environment, your roof gets no respect. Daily exposure to snow, ice, hail, high winds and heat increase the risk of roof damage. Unfortunately, most roofs are completely ignored until it springs a leak. It’s human nature to put off big ticket purchases, but no roof […]

roofer indianapolis indiana

High Winds Aren’t Your Friend

While many home owners understand the hazards of storm, hail and tornado/hurricane damage, few realize that high winds, alone, can lead to major roof repairs or even replacement. Strong gusts of wind gusts have been found to damage roofs or even lift them from the decking, especially if the membrane is aging or improperly installed. Unfortunately, […]

home improvement indianapolis indiana

Late Winter Home Improvement Tips

It doesn’t matter if you have a new home, a condo, or a fixer-upper, home ownership brings out the Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor out in all of us (or at least requires us to do necessary repairs and maintenance). Here are some tips to improve your home. Downspouts Make sure that your outside downspouts that are attached […]

winter remodeling indianapolis indiana

Winter Home Remodeling Ideas

We really haven’t had a winter but this is Indiana…we can get snow and cold in March or April! Here is a list of some winter home remodeling ideas that are sure to keep you and your loved ones nice and toasty for the cold months to come (or not to come). A New/Updated Fireplace Adding […]

small kitchen

7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Want to make the most of every square inch in your kitchen?  Here are 7 small kitchen design ideas that will help you live large in the smallest of kitchens. 1. Declutter When your kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, it’s easy for it to get filled with clutter. Clear off your countertops and remove seldom used […]

bathroom indianapolis indiana

Stop Bathroom Wear and Tear

Bathrooms take more abuse than almost any other room in your house. They experience a wide range of temperatures, excess humidity, high foot traffic and they’re often not cleaned as often or as thoroughly as they probably should be. Neglected bathrooms may end up costing home owners thousands of dollars in repairs. Here are some ways you can minimize […]