Exterior House Paint

Painting your house’s exterior takes hours of hard work—even just to pick out the right colors. With the cost of exterior house paint now at $50 per gallon, you don’t want to make mistakes. Choose exterior house paint colors by looking at what’s already on your house now. Take the color of your roof and your windows into account. You likely won’t change these when you paint. If you have brick or stonework, either in the architecture of your house or in pathways, consider those tones as well. Let these existing color palettes influence the beginning of your selection process.

The paint scheme of your house’s exterior will involve three main colors: the field, the trim, and the accent. The field color is for the major areas like the walls and roof. The trim color covers the fascia boards, window trim, and rakes. The accent color is for doors, shutters, and other architectural features.

Choose your field color first, and make sure it’s a paint color you will love for years. In general, trim paint should be a lighter shade than the field color, and your gutters, downspouts, and other service-type elements should be painted the same for a cohesive look. The accent color is where you can make a splash and show your personality. A bright pop of color on your front door can distinguish your house from all the others in the neighborhood.

Fentress Builders Can Help

Choosing an exterior paint color can be challenging, but the results are well worth it. For help narrowing down your options, Fentress Builders provide the highest quality home construction and upgrade services – but more importantly, we help our customers make the home upgrade decisions that are right for them. We know the importance of planning ahead for home upgrades and our highly trained home upgrade specialists can assess your needs and help develop a timeline for home upgrades that protect both your home and your assets.

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