Home Upgrade Ideas for Summer

Summer is here! Now is the perfect time to do some upgrades to your home. Here some home upgrade ideas that can increase the value of your home and make it a little comfier.

Upgrade Your Outdoors

Replace Windows and Doors

New windows and doors make for an attractive exterior and interior. If your windows are older, in poor shape, or unattractive, summer is a great time to replace them. Do your homework before you buy windows. Cheap replacements aren’t an improvement over well-built older windows. Some newer windows block UV rays and help hold conditioned air inside which can save you more money in the long run.

Update the Kitchen

Kitchens give you one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project, according to This Old House. They might cost more than other projects, but kitchen updates hold value. You can upgrade your kitchen any time of year. But working in the summer lets you take advantage of outdoor cooking, which puts less pressure on getting the job done fast.

Build an Addition

A new addition is another high return upgrade idea. If you can build up or out, adding bedrooms and bathrooms can dramatically improve your home’s value. Summer is perfect for building a new addition.

Improve or Replace the Driveway

Driveways play a big part in the curb appeal game. Potential buyers notice your home’s appearance, but the driveway can add or detract from the appearance. You can refinish asphalt or concrete or pour more gravel. Or you can excavate and build a whole new drive. If driveway is narrow make it wider and allow for more parking.

Install a New Fence

Fences define property boundaries and add an attractive feature to the home. They’re especially attractive to people who have pets and young children, too. Summer weather is best for installing a fence for a couple of reasons. First, the ground will be softer and easier to dig for setting posts. Second, the concrete you’ll use to stabilize posts sets better in warmer weather.

Replace the Roof

Roofing protects your home and adds another layer of beauty. If your roof is approaching the 10-15 year mark, start thinking about replacement. A full tear off and new installation is recommended by professionals. While you can roof over old shingles in some areas the new roof could hide existing problems.

Add a New Deck

Summer is made for outdoor living, and there are few better ways to enjoy the backyard like a new deck. This is a great project for summer because even a large deck is a fairly quick build. Pressure-treated decking materials are still big sellers. But don’t overlook composite products. They never splinter, don’t need repainting, and they clean up easily. This Old House suggests that better composites might even be superior to wood.

home upgrade ideas

Decorate your Indoors

Decorate your living room

Most people spend a bunch of time in their living rooms. It just seems like this part of the house ties the whole household together. Even if you’re not too much into special accessories, you are aware that rooms with big furniture (like this one) may look a bit sterile if you don’t include some finishing touches.

Get frames and wall decorations

Stickers are out of date, so forget about them. Memorable pictures, shelves with little sculptures and memories and similar „hanging“ decorations can improve the looks of your room significantly. Depending on how high or low you put these, you may create a specific visual effect (make the room shorter or taller). Many people get custom made decorations that are inspired by their trips and adventures or maybe even events such as birthdays and weddings.

Choose a special upbeat carpet or funky curtains

People tend to go minimalistic on their furniture because it’s already big on its own, so why would you put extra effort into it? Being creative with carpets and curtains may be a good idea! Colorful schemes are something that makes the whole place sparkle in warmth, crucial for this time of the year. Soft and fluffy won’t be needed, it’s already pretty warm.

Try out hanging chairs

I know what you are thinking, a hanging chair indoor? Yes! These add a special finishing touch to your living room, making it seem much more comfortable and much more attractive. The room will easily „gain character“ as well since a hanging chair is a statements piece not anyone can put in their living room!

Save cash, paint over your old pieces

If you have furniture that is old, doesn’t look nice anymore or just does not fit into your current vibe, don’t throw it away. Many people decide to get rid of their stuff, while others sell them or refurbish them. Having a „unique“ piece no one else has after decorating something yourself is not only cool, but it will bring emotional value to the room.

Choose an accent color for your house

This can apply to every room in your house: get an accent color. If you like to be relaxed, pick blue or lavender for your bathroom. If you want to feel alert, put red in the room where your desk is. If you want to feel calm, choose green. Colors are very important during the summer because everything is colorful on its own, so if you go inside and see a blank space, you may feel unsatisfied.

Go for a chandelier

Chandeliers are a quick, easy way to make a room both funky and glamorous. Depending on the piece you get, you can totally change the vibe of the room. The bright environment is always welcomed, but shining crystals that are reflecting on the sun coming through your living room window is a whole another thing. It’s much more natural and special. You don’t have to get a very expensive chandelier, just get something that speaks to you.

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